Rich Russian Kids on Instagram are Dying To Buy One of These $17000 Fidget Spinners


We thought attaching a rocket to the fidget spinner was the craziest thing ever, but how foolish of us to underestimate the vanity quotient of this world!

Behold, a gold plated, 1,000,000 Russian rubles ($16,800) fidget spinner that gives this Gold plated, Trump, embossed iPhone a tough run for its money.

Russian jewelry specialists Caviar has created the wasteful version of the toy, and the price tag owes to its 100-gram gold-coated exterior.

Per Caviar’s website (Google Translated from Russian):

“This modern, original and ingeniously simple accessory in your hands will attract attention and will tell others about your ironic view of life, your calm and wisdom, with which you take the most important decisions, easily, as if spinning the spinner in his hand. In addition, it is a great gift option, impressive and memorable accessory for the person who has everything.”

In case you want something different but equally nugatory, Caviar has a full catalog of similar exceedingly pricey contraptions, such as the fidget spinners adorned with carbon fiber and Swarvoski crystals.

And recently the company also made headlines after releasing very special $2,500 Nokia 3310 that featured Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, so there’s definitely a market who looks for such “collectibles”.

Here is another one of their masterpieces, costing only $3,000.

Here are a few other collectibles


Or maybe we have a better idea! Why not donate even a fraction of this money to something worthwhile and actually justify your existence on the planet!

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