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YouTuber Tests The Strength Of A Tungsten Block By Firing At It

Watching someone test the strength of an element is always fun. In this video, Tungsten’s toughness is put to the test, and we all are aware of how tough it is as a material.

Starting with a .22 caliber long rifle, YouTuber Demolition Ranch shoots various guns at a block of tungsten to evaluate its toughness.

Given that his initial choice of gun is small, we aren’t surprised that it has no impact on the cube. He then quickly progresses to a 9mm. Wonder if it will have any effect?

It succeeds in leaving a tiny mark on the block but is far from leaving a dent. Maybe a larger gun will do the trick? He then proceeds to a .45ACP. It ends up having some of its pieces stuck to the metal but still no dent insight.

Demolition Ranch then quickly moves through much bigger gun choices with higher velocity rates to form a Tungsten dent. Watch the dangerous yet amazing experiment to find whether he succeeds or comes out empty-handed.

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