Watch What Happens When This Guy Shoots His Gun After Bending The Barrel To 180 Degrees

A gun pointed towards a person is one of the scariest things in the world. It is a terrifying feeling of being in between life and death. Not only this, but we all also accept the fact that a gun lying somewhere near our presence just brings in frightening thoughts and increases the possibilities of accidents in our imaginations. Where a lot of people take it as a symbol of safety and security, a lot are terrorized with the evils it can cause.

This Youtuber conducts a dangerous and frightening experiment by heating and bending F1 AR’s barrel to 180 degrees to see what happens out of all the possibilities he has in mind—in easier words, pointing at your self. This has to be one of the most dangerous yet exciting experiments in a Youtube video.

Demolition Ranch predicts nearly three outcomes of this experiment before even shooting. He says, either the bullet will make a hole through the barrel and shoot straight into the van, or it might make the turn inside the barrel and shoot just like a gun with a straight barrel but in the opposite direction.

The crazy Youtuber found a way to do this safely without leaving any chances for an accident. The experiment is worth watching but should not be done without proper safety measures. Let’s find out what happens after shooting in the video.

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