YouTuber Shows How You Could Make An Actual Space Suit From Duct Tape


A space suit is a vital component of space travel. If you are thinking of making one, you would need a lot of science and engineering experimentation. But do space suits have to be that complicated? What if there was an emergency situation, and you had to make your own protective clothing to survive the hazards of the spacewalk?

Your answer: duct tape.

Duct tape is the most suitable material for improvising a space suit. This adhesive thing is produced in many varieties, but most of them are praised for their mechanical strength and ability to stick together or patch almost anything and everything. NASA even calls it simply “gray tape” – powdered aluminum pigment gives the traditional duct tape its silvery gray color.

In the past, astronauts have used duct tape on multiple occasions to fix different technical problems. Using it to make a space suit sounds like a crazy idea and it would not provide dependable life support for a prolonged time. But how about protecting a human body for a very brief moment, let’s say, jumping from one hatch to another?

Youtuber Scott Manley analyzes this hypothetical idea and backs his findings by technical (and also medical) data:


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