Watch A Man In A Jet Suit Cross Through An Arch In A Bridge

In this week’s interesting news, a man in a jet suit has been seen crossing the Grand River located in downtown Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan. The unexpected sight has left a group of adventurous onlookers stumped, and you know what? The man even made a diving attempt off the dome of an adjacent bridge. This incredibly seamless act has become the talk of the town, but for good reasons. The most intriguing part to discuss is that the man in this jet suit blast has been later identified as “Alex Wilson”, who is on a mission to inspect this gear for the UK-based company known as “Gravity”.

This magnificent suit is a blend of the latest technology, as the company calls it “1000 horsepower jet suits”. According to Gravity, these suits could turn out to be a big win for the company as they have been developed by integrating jet turbines on the “wearer’s back and arms”. Through these turbines, thrust has been provided to the person and with the help of other encapsulated pieces of equipment, one can also make turns as Wilson did recently when he dived from the bridge. While discussing the adventure with a local news channel, Wilson said, “It’s genuinely so intuitive and so natural to fly that anyone can do it. This isn’t another aircraft, it’s really you flying. “

Not only this, Wilson showed his extraordinary skills by putting on this jet suit in more than 200 events, as per the reports from local news. The company is making efforts to bring out the future prospects of this jet suit by working on the tiniest of details. Moreover, Gravity is looking forward to experimenting with this technology outside of London, UK, at a training facility. Along with this, one of the company’s main priorities is to introduce this technology to the military and the first responders.

It is not as easy as it sounds, but first responders and military personnel can benefit a great deal from this technology in terms of enhancing their training capabilities and providing first aid services to people who get stuck in terrain or hilly areas. Hence, we can say, the days are not far when we see this technology being practiced as a basic prerequisite of training for military personnel and first responders.

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