YouTuber Shows How Many Parts You Can Take Off A Car Before It Stops Working – And It’s More Than You Might Think

Car enthusiasts usually get fascinated while replacing their car parts or dealing with the technicalities. Their main aim is to bring the car back into its working condition. However, if you are a car enthusiast or not, have you ever asked yourself how many parts are needed to be removed until a car stopped working? A wild idea, right? But a Youtuber named “Engineer William Osman” has recently uploaded a video on his channel and performed this thrilling experiment. He is normally renowned for performing distinctive projects on his YouTube channel which are a blend of engineering and entertainment.

However, he got arrangements done beforehand in order to perform this most anticipated experiment. For this, he purchased two cars and rented out a parking lot where he could easily bring about the project and amaze his viewers. In addition to this, some of his scientific friends having proven experience in technology-related projects helped him as well. To settle your curiosity and get an answer, watch the video demonstrated below:

Interestingly, the main idea behind doing this project is to estimate the cost reduction they would get after removing all of the unnecessary parts from the car. Osman said at the start of the video that the car owners attract hundreds of thousands of dollars from our pockets due to the unnecessary specifications that they install in the cars, which don’t have any impact on the operational performance of our vehicles. As the video goes on, he starts by negotiating with the people around him and says, “Does it make any difference if he drives the car without doors?” “Definitely not,” he said.

According to the video, “a car is an inexpensive transportation device that doesn’t need any specifications.” Moreover, they also removed the hood from the car, as, according to them, it neither protects the engine nor increases the aerodynamics. The video becomes hilarious at the end when they successfully remove all the unnecessary parts from both the cars and they are left with nothing in their cars. The red car has only the front portion left, while the body of the white car was still there, but the doors, the hood, and other things were removed by the team, as you can see in the video above. Hence, it was a really good watch that gives you the answer to your question and also tells you about the importance of these parts. Thus, it was more of a fun experiment, but obviously very informative!

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