These Mechanics Have Invented An Axle That Can Achieve Steering Angles Of Up To 80 Degrees


U.S.- German auto parts company ZF has engineered a strut suspension front axle concept that allows the front wheels to turn up to an incredible 80 degrees. The invention is called EasyTurn.

“With EasyTurn, steering angles of up to 80 degrees are possible. Turning and parking maneuvers are almost effortless thanks to the extremely high steering angle. The innovative front axle system benefits both passenger and cargo vehicles – above all in cramped inner-city traffic, in parking spaces, narrow alleys, construction sites, traffic jams, or loading zones,” says the firm on its website.

EasyTurn also brings extreme agility and comfortable parking.

The video shows a BMWi3 backing up into super-narrow parallel parking spots at ridiculous angles and coming back to its original position without breaking a sweat. The video also showcases the i3 making a U-turn in what looks like less than 3.5 times its own width.

The invention would bring unparalleled flexibility to cars of all sizes. The main thing would be how to install it on regular cars.


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