YouTuber Makes World’s Largest Flashlight

The world is moving towards new and innovative technologies and with more advancement, one does not necessarily need a big industrial setup or a fancy laboratory to achieve milestones in the sector of production. There are people who are coming up with new and unprecedented ideas that are bound to break and make records. One of such people is a Youtuber who has made it in the Guinness Book of World Records with his latest invention.

The name by which he goes on YouTube is Hacksmith and his real name is James Hobson. James comes from Canada and has recently made a world record for the second time by making an oversized and world’s brightest torchlight. For his previous record, he had made a retractable lightsaber of extraordinary size. This consists of 300 LEDs which is a staggering number of flashlights and is called the Nitebrite 300. The brightness was measured to be 501,031 lumens.

When we talk about other flashlights that excel in the industry, there is the Imalent MS 18 that has 18 LEDs with 100,000 lumens. There was another Youtuber, Samm Sheperd who made a Do It Yourself torch with the power of around 72,000 lumens. The floodlights used to light up the football stadiums are between 100 to 250, 000 lumens. If Nitebrite 300 is used in place of the floodlights, they may be too bright for the players to comfortably play around.

Hacksmith and his team used a specialized fresnel reading magnifier to focus the light from LEDs into one beam. There are 50 boards used with 6 LEDs in each one. The light can be set on low, high, and turbo settings. The exterior of the device is made from a trash can, and it is colored black. The intensity of the torch was measured through a Crookes Radiometer by the team. It was so intense that the meter broke.

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