Boutique Firm Bellevue Web Designers Is Working For Clients To Crack One Of Marketing’s Most Difficult Algorithms

Inside the stylish offices of Bellevue Web Designers, From left to right Melissa Agudelo, Kani Saxena, James Fischer, Jorge Tenorio the “team”

From video chatting with family and friends to the convenience of online banking, society is relying on technology to improve and simplify daily life like never before. As more and more services appear on the internet, consumers are increasingly evaluating whether or not they will use a service based solely on the product or company’s website.

While individuals may be inclined to not judge a book by its cover in situations that involve certain experiences or even people, data suggests that the age-old idiom is not being applied when it comes to evaluating the relevance of a website.

According to a study on the effectiveness of web design, researchers found that it takes most users only a half of one second to determine whether they like a website and find it useful or if they will keep searching for an option that better fits their needs.

With so little room for error, it’s more important than ever for companies and businesses to do whatever it takes to make their website stand out to consumers. However, for one web design firm with a passion for turning their clients’ ideas into effective and visually appealing internet content, successfully adapting to constant change is the only option.

Building a foundation that puts client relationships first

Located just outside Seattle, Washington, Bellevue Web Designers is a stylish design house that builds epic word press websites. A quirky offshoot of Seattle Software Developers, the development house that brought us AOL and Waze, Bellevue Web Designers concentrates on one thing: WordPress Websites. 

Their uniqueness lies in its ability to combine high-level technology and web design intel with a culture that emphasizes the importance of fostering a client-first mentality. Once designs are implemented, the real work is on the back end writing schema data and adding and embedding “keywords” which help the website rank. 

According to company founder Phil Anderson, this kind of formula is less commonplace than one would imagine, especially in an industry that often loses sight of client input in the face of obtaining the most views or clicks.

“It’s so important to build relationships with clients that go beyond offering a service because creating an environment in which people feel valued and listened to and understood allows for the best end result,” Anderson said. 

“That’s a philosophy that we’ve built our firm around that has helped us produce award winning work that leads our clients to come back again and again.”

In addition to all of the benefits of promoting a positive atmosphere as it relates to lasting client relationships, creating an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable sharing their ideas is more likely to result in the strongest end product.

When it comes to new innovations in the marketplace, Anderson believes that while most customers have an excellent vision for where they want to take their website or product, many feel too intimidated to share out in an environment that can seem impossible to navigate for non-software developers or web designers. 

Thankfully, while the process may sound overwhelming to some individuals at the surface level, there is a way to help clients get as many views out of their website. The trick is finding the professional it takes to actually make that happen.

Turning individualised, industry-leading marketing strategies into clicks and views for clients

When it comes to web design and content creation, one of the most important aspects of the job is not only creating a visually appealing website, but also structuring it in a way so that consumers will find it and engage with its content. 

Since the very beginning, one of the most critical aspects of major search engines like Google has been something known as search engine optimization, or SEO. When a website is created, companies like Google or Bing use bots to collect information that is then added to a giant index. Next, algorithms analyze specific factors within the index to determine the order in which a website should appear on a user’s results page. 

By curating the content and structure of a website to best match what the algorithm is looking for, via SEO, individuals can ensure that their website will be seen by the most number of people. 

While that may sound simple enough, search engine algorithms are notoriously complex and almost impossible to determine. And, while there are only a handful of individuals who know what the major search engines are looking for in their indexes and how they prioritize information, eight of the people who do know this information happen to work at Bellevue Web Designers.

With this invaluable information, gained from years of experience with the world’s biggest search engines, Anderson and his team can pair expert SEO operators with web designers who are ready to turn their clients’ dreams into reality. 

For example, when the team at Haleo, a device that helps the body restore balance via rhythmic symphonic frequencies, was in need of a website that would grab consumers’ attention and convince them to buy their product, they turned to Bellevue Web Designers in order to reach their goals.

Building a website that visually portrays something invisible to the naked eye, like symphonic frequencies, is a major challenge, and using SEO to ensure it ends up as one of the first links on the results page is even harder. Still, the team at Bellevue Web Designers was able to get it done, and the result is a successful website that has helped Haleo become a leader within the field of frequency therapy. 

For Anderson, these kinds of results are the product of tremendous amounts of hard work as well as the opportunity to grow up surrounded by some of the best tech leaders in the business.

Learning strategies for success from the best in the business

From an early age, Anderson has possessed a keen love for and understanding of all things related to technology. Born in 1969, Anderson is a member of what many refer to as the golden age of computer science and technology, during which leading companies like Microsoft and Apple began to evolve into the powerhouses they are known as today. 

As luck would have it, Anderson’s childhood friend knew Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which gave him the opportunity to frequent the mogul’s home. Later on, his mother started working for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as a secretary, giving her son the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks such as making coffee or moving cars, before eventually working his way up to personal assistant. Through his jobs at Apple, Anderson also began to learn the ropes of many of the same advertising and marketing strategies that he employs today.

Equipped with the invaluable knowledge he learned from titans like Gates and Jobs, Anderson struck out on his own and formed his own company while using all he had learned along the way. 

“It was really an incredible experience to be given a front row seat to so much technology growth and expansion,” Anderson said. “At that time no one knew which way it was all going to go  or what it would become, so watching people create through a series of trial and error was fascinating,” he added. 

With the ability to call his own shots, Anderson quickly began putting into practice the skills he had learned from years of exposure to cutting-edge technology. He first began with developing websites, and since then, has gone on to assemble a team of experts including developers, coders, engineers, marketers, and branding professionals, all of whom are leaders within their industries and are poised to continue creating innovative products moving forward.

Gearing up for a constantly changing future

Whatever the future may hold, it remains more than likely that people will continue to rely on the internet and search engines to obtain the vast majority of their information. As long as this remains true, companies will need to align themselves with the web designers possible in order to guarantee that their products are seen and interacted with by the most people. 

For Bellevue Web Designers specifically, Anderson says that the company’s focus moving forward will most likely involve an increased focus on content as well as developing more apps for clients, which are continuing to replace digital software platforms as a more popular form of technology. In the wake of increasing interest from overseas clients, Anderson also hopes the firm will keep serving a global audience in the future. 

“Wherever our clients are, we’re ready to help them with their specific challenges,” Anderson said. “As the future of technology continues to change, we will be nimble as well.” 

Ultimately, that idea of adapting to change while providing the most knowledgeable web design experience possible is what Bellevue Web Designers believes sets them apart from their competition, and is what will continue to bring them success on behalf of their clients moving forward. 

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