YouTuber Invents An Amazing Weightlessness Machine – And You Won’t Believe What It Can Do

Weightlessness is an amazing feeling and only a few of us actually get to experience it. Those who do experience it do so by free-falling out of a plane, going on a zero-g ride, or the very obvious – going into space.

But a popular YouTuber Colin Furze just might have invented a much easier alternative. He has built an oversized counterweight arm to offset almost all his body weight. By strapping himself to the very end of the arm, he was able to jump dozens of feet into the air. He can even be seen performing flips as if he was on the Moon.

His video shows him spinning and clearing enormous obstacles. He even jumped off of his roof which looked completely effortless as the one metric ton counterweight gently lowered him back on the ground.

“I can do handstands, I can float around, I can do somersaults, this is just amazing,” he exclaimed in the video.

Furze has his invention well-thought-out by designing the hydraulic arm as controllable so that the length can be shortened or lengthened depending on the individual’s body weight, which marks it safe for anybody to try it without any other risk.

“The more I mess around on this, the better I get at it, and this basically is just a lot of fun,” Furze said in his video. “I don’t know if it translates on camera as to how much fun it actually is to be in this thing.”

And it’s something very much believable as Furze himself performs all sorts of tests on his invention.  He could even be seen performing giant leaps to tall stacks of pallets and even wall running on a sheet of plywood being held up nearby by a cherry picker.

Looking at Furze’s video and his tricks has brought back the dream of floating and levitating.

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