This Is The World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream – And It Is Made Using Something Very Unique


A new Guinness World Record has been made for the world’s most expensive ice cream. Cellato, a Japanese luxury ice cream brand has set this record by making a delicacy worth 880,000 yen ($6,700) per portion.

Their new protein-rich ice cream, Byakuya, Guinness world record holder, consists of a velvety base made with milk, two types of cheese, egg yolks, and sake leek, and is topped with Parmigiano cheese, white truffle, truffle oil, and gold leaf.

The ‘highest grade’ gelato has a faint sweetness, complex taste, and a luxurious, smooth texture. It comes packaged in a stylish black box. It includes a hand-made metal spoon created by Takeuchi craftsmen in Fushimi, Kyoto, using techniques and materials used in the construction of temples and shrines.

One 130ml Byakuya ice cream is currently available on the Cellato website for 880,000 yen ($6,700).

Guinness Records have clarified that the price of the ice cream (¥873,400) does not include the spoon, which was believed to be the most expensive ‘ingredient’.

The white truffles used to make this special ice cream come from Alba, Italy, and are part of a high-quality batch priced at 2 million yen ($14,900).

Cellato has recommended people wait and let the ice cream soften a bit before serving, to the point where the included metal spoon goes into it easily. Then, mix in the included truffle oil for a strong flavor boost.

They also recommend pairing Byakuya with a glass of aged white wine.

One of the most interesting ingredients of the world’s most expensive ice cream is sake lees, a leftover from sake production known for its fruity taste and paste-like texture.

If you can afford to have a Byakuya ice cream, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t have an expiration date but Cellato do recommend that you eat it within 10 days to enjoy its taste and texture to the fullest.


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