YouTuber Harvests Invisible Energy Directly From The Sky – Using Drones

Nature never fails to amaze us. We are surrounded by its majestic wonders every day, and when these sensations become amalgamated with the marvels of the human mind, the only concept which remains is “possibility”. In yet another episode of sensational yet bewildering experiences, a Youtuber named “Jay Bowles,” who is also a brilliant physicist, performed an astonishing experiment to harvest energy directly from the atmosphere on his YouTube channel. His channel, named “Plasma Channel,” has revived the notion of how we can harness the complexities and idiosyncrasies of nature in an efficient way.

The whole arrangement of his experiment is easily understandable. From the equipment he deployed to the completion of the tasks, everything seems simple and straightforward. In this experiment, a DJI Mini2 Drone was used, which comprises a sufficient weight carrying capacity. You will find out the reason for this and the entire mechanism of this successful experiment in the following details. An irresistible magnet was being positioned on the drone and it was connected to the wire, which is 100 meters above the ground. Given below is a full depiction of the experiment:

An electrode which is made of metal was being adhered to the wire which started hanging with it and was placed below the drone. However, the main goal was to generate energy from the atmosphere prevailing and that is only possible when there is a proper circuit between the ground and the drone. So, to accomplish this, a few nails were spread onto the ground, and in this way, the electricity started inducing into the circuit.

Coupled with this, Jay Bowles stated a few lines related to the experiment in the description box of the video. He wrote, “Months of drone flights culminated in what can only be described as a remarkable feat in physics. I managed to successfully siphon energy directly out of the atmosphere. ” Apart from this, due to the driven nails, electrodes started to charge up, but he didn’t know which type of static charge was actually deploying on the electrodes. So, to identify this, he used a DIY electroscope to determine the charge. Due to this charge, the leaves of the electroscope started deflecting, and frankly speaking, a homemade corona motor can also be operated.

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