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Youtuber Explains Why The CyberTruck V/S F150 Pulling Competition Was Not Fair

Yes, we all have seen the infamous video where Tesla’s Cybertruck is busy in pulling in an F-150. But, just how accurate is that video? Have you considered that?

It would appear that we are simply not able to stop talking about the latest Cybertruck coming from Tesla. We all have our reasons though; it has a unique design, there were some issues during its unveiling, it sparked a debate on Twitter, and this video that has been doing rounds on social media. Whether you like Cybertruck or not, it is clear that we all are constantly discussing it!

Elon Musk shared the video where Cybertruck pulls an F-150 on his Twitter account. Not very long ago, F-150 was seen in a video pulling a million pounds. That kind of explains the purpose of Elon Musk conducting this experiment; to prove the superiority of Cybertruck over F-150.

However, the publicity stunt has caused a lot of debate over the Internet, wherein many have claimed that the experiment was not accurate or fair at all. Neil deGrasse Tyson was also among the people who jumped into the debate with their technical knowledge. Neil has said that the video was not logical or accurate. That is where the video that is being featured in this video comes in with Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained, explaining in detail what was wrong with the experiment conducted by Tesla.

Check out the video below, and do let us know what you think of it!