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Here Are 10 Amazing Innovations In Bentley’s New SUV

Are you looking for a luxury car that has its own fine china set? Possibly the kind that’s better than the one you have at your home? Say hello to Bentley Bentayga! The car has been designed so luxuriously that we wouldn’t judge its owners for sleeping in the car.

Check out the nine amazing innovations that are sported by Bentley’s latest SUV.

Drivers have access to a dial for selecting between 8 various driver modes including cruise control and off-roading.

It features a variety of driving aids such as a warning system that can detect crossing traffic when you pull out of a parking space.

It also sports 4 cameras that can provide you with a view of the surrounding.

It features a HUD system that projects speed and navigation information on the dashboard.

It also sports a night vision feature that would display the obstacles ahead in case you have missed them in the dark.

It can detect parking spaces and is quite capable of parking itself.

All the seats feature back massage option.

They also offer ventilation and heating functions and the rear seats can be reclined and come equipped with footrests.

The back of the front seats sports 8-inch screens intended for entertainment.

The Bentley Premium Audio version comes equipped with 18 speakers that are placed ingeniously for smart sound.

The owners are also presented with an entertainment tablet for playing games and watching shows.

If you opt for the Mulliner Hamper Set, you’ll get a refrigerator, fine china set and storage are for dry food that sits snugly in the trunk.

A closer look!

The Bentley Bentayga features a top speed of 187 miles per hour.

It can go from rest to 60mph in 4 seconds and prices start from $229,100.

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