Youtuber Explains How Electric Vehicles Are Greener Than Gasoline Cars

electric vehicles carbon footprint

Berylls Strategy Advisor, a German automotive consultancy, made headlines when it announced that the electric vehicles might not be as clean as they are perceived to be. The organization claimed that it depends on where the electric cars were manufactured. The energy which is required to build the batteries has resulted in a huge carbon footprint. Dr. Jan Burgard, managing partner at the Berylls said, “Electric cars appear to be the panacea and reduce emissions by 35 %. After all, electric vehicles do not emit any carbon dioxide while driving – at least that is a widely held opinion.”

Burgard further said, “However, from well to wheel, they do not improve the situation. After all, electricity generation – including for electric cars – is still strongly dependent on fossil fuels in many EU countries. The climate does not care whether carbon dioxide comes from the exhaust pipe or whether it is released when lignite is burned to generate electricity or in energy-intensive battery production.” 

electric vehicles carbon footprint

After the statement, critics pointed out that since it is an institution for the diesel industry, therefore the report coming from their analyst cannot be fully trusted. To give a detailed explanation on this issue, Jason Fenske, host of YouTube channel Engineering Explained, has offered his analysis over the issue. The argument he has presented is backed by scientific facts and has a direct explanatory approach as well. Watch this video to learn how good or bad the electric vehicles are!

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