This Couple Renovated A Bread Truck And Turned It Into A Beautiful Home

truck turned into home

With the current economy, it is not possible for everyone to buy or build a house. However, if people start utilizing their creativity and get a little inspired, they can do a lot. A couple from Nottingham, UK, decided to bring their dream home into reality by converting an old truck into a mobile home. The couple loves to travel and stay outdoors. Iona and Martin Stewart created the ultimate mobile home which allows them to work remotely while they see the world. The idea of renovating and living in small places is increasing with time. People utilize sheds, buses, moving trucks, and even boats to build a home in. Not only it is cost friendly, but also irresistible for most.

The Stewarts purchased a truck which was previously used to deliver bread. The idea came to Iona after their recent trip and a night of drinking. Later on, they realized that it was not just a crazy thought and purchased the truck soon after. They started working on the renovations and redesigning of their new truck home.

Their truck house cost them almost $25900, and Martin took care of most of the technical work. Iona added the artistic touch to everything in their new home. The mobile house has all those features which are present in any studio apartment. The former bread truck also has a fully functional kitchen with a sink, an oven, and the cabinets for storage. The bathroom in the mobile home is also fully functional. There are a couch and furnace in the living room. The bedroom has a bed, storage space and even some pieces of artwork to show the aesthetics. The couple is planning to travel in the upcoming months and then return to the United Kingdom.

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