Youtuber Designs An Unpickable Lock, Dares LockSmiths To Break It Open

A great deal of complex engineering was used to design this unpickable lock. As the Youtube channel “Stuff Made Here” claims.

Many of the locksmiths, experts in their field claim that they could break in any lock in the world. And here we have an engineer who is claiming his designed lock is 100 percent unpickable.

Well, not so true, as any door or lock could be bomb opened with ease. However, talking about silently opening it up is something in which his claim might win.

Once the guy came up with this idea, he thought to himself if he would really be successful in making one. And later on, when he went on to start, he stated it as one of the most difficult projects he has ever had.

It needed him 10 attempts to be sure that his made lock could be thrown on any locksmith in the world while being sure of it not to break open.

The fun-filled video will have an even interesting sequel released soon—Stuff Made Here even made contact with LockPickingLawyer, a Youtube channel expert in lock picking. At the same time, claiming that none could undo his designed lock. An open challenge, I must say.

LockPickingLawyer answered where he accepted the challenge and said that this unbreakable lock seems a great deal. Two of the guys have made a successful contact, and Stuff Made Here will send a version of his designed lock. Let’s see if the famous lock breaking youtube channel could crack this nut. Specifically designed impossible to break in!

The whole thing producing unpickable locks and then challenging the famous locksmiths makes the video interesting to watch. With so much suspense created whether his claims of producing unpickable locks become true or false, tune in to find out.

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