Youtuber Demonstrates How To Cut Glass With Scissors

Can glass be cut? Yes. But can it be cut with scissors? You will probably think that it is not possible. You will believe that if at all you try to cut glass using scissors, you will be left with countless little pieces of glass shattered everywhere. However, cutting is beyond imagination, and the guy in Youtube video has just proved it.

Imagine for a second that cutting glass is possible with scissors. What if you cut glass with scissors, and it does not break? YouTuber at the Action Lab brings us a video that makes our wildest come true. He demonstrates that glass can be cut with scissors without being shattered.

He takes a piece of glass and paints it red so it can show on the camera. He then takes a big bucket of water, illustrates how he can manage to cut glass immaculately if he puts it in the water.

To prove that it is glass and not some other substance, the YouTuber then takes the piece of glass out of the water and tries to cut it again. We witnessed glass being crushed. Pieces of glass flew everywhere, and this experiment made it clear that this method only works underwater.

How does this work? Even the Action Lab acknowledges that it’s incredible that this technique works. Luckily, he goes on to demonstrate all the science behind it, and we must admit we are impressed. Want also to know what is happening? Watch the video to find out more.

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