Artist Creates Kinetic Portraits That Show Different faces Upon Viewing From Different Sides

Sergi Cadenas is a self-taught artist and is considered a master of kinetic wall art due to his exceptional work. He has created a unique painting that magically transforms into three different portraits upon looking from different angles.

His work consists of unique rigid vertical strips that he paints one by one by hand. His trick for the multi-portraits painting is that he made a different person on each side of the strip, which changes the whole perspective of his artwork from three different angles. However, when seen from the exact front, the two side-ways painting combine to visualize the third face. That is how beautifully amazing his kinetic painting work is done.

Cadenas was born in Girona, Spain, and studied ironmongery, which helped him take over his family’s centuries-old foundry. He was already famous artist due to his work and for being specialized in numerous forging techniques; however, the guy didn’t stop there and continued to extend his skills in art by learning and exploring other artistic mediums as well.

Sergi never went to learn art via a learning school; instead, his artistic instincts helped him grow in skill with all the learning that he gathered all by himself. The Spanish artist went on to learn oil paintings with a particular focus on portraits. This urge to learn more and more about art made him an exceptional artist that he is today.

His work is displayed in various exhibitions and art galleries all over the world. The highly skilled individual, despite handling and owning up his family’s foundry, also takes out time to learn more and to contribute towards art while he can. This love of art makes him stand out amongst a lot of other artists worldwide.

You can find more of Cadenas’ beautifully-inspiring kinetic wall art; keep an eye on his Instagram page where you can find lots of his fantastic pieces that makes us fall in love with his magnificent work of art.

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