Watch A YouTuber Crush Everything From Bones To Toy Cars With A Train

A YouTube channel, “Train Experiments”, known for performing weird but exciting stuff has come up with another video in which he crushed different objects under a diesel train. As you can see in the video embedded below, the Youtuber placed various toy cars on the train track just to be crushed by the train. He has done a lot of experiments in which he put coins and sometimes watches on the track to be destroyed by the locomotive but the destruction of toy cars in the path of the diesel train in this “Car vs Train” experiment is a very unusual but intriguing watch.

However, it should be noted that the Youtuber hasn’t mentioned the type of engine that was deployed to crush the toy cars but that is of little importance. What’s intriguing is the transparency of the experiment and the satisfaction that is associated with it after seeing the toy cars crushed with the heavy engine. As you can see in the video, the train wheel when passed over by the series of toy cars crushed them to the core and almost flattened their bodies. This seems so exciting to watch.

Not to mention, there are times when objects didn’t squeeze at once and that happened when the Youtuber used some animal bones and tried to crush them with the train wheels. At the first attempt, the bones crippled and pulled away from the track as soon as the wheel run over them. Hence, a series of attempts made the experiment successful and the bones finally crumbled. Similarly, there are a lot of other objects that needed several attempts to crush including the “Train vs Watch” experiment given below in which you can see, the watch didn’t make it to crushing at the first attempt.

To that end, the experiment, overall, is very satisfying to watch but there are some loopholes that once fixed, can make the whole endeavor look even more interesting. The main problem occurs with the editing of the video and some unfocused angles to capture the details. Hence, these factors should be taken into consideration in order to give a professional touch to the videos. Above all, we can’t wait to see more experiments of this kind in the future!

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