This Guy Lost His Eye And Put A Bright Light Into The Socket – And It Looks Incredible

Artists on TikTok are doing all sorts of things. A southern California TikTok gained popularity when a “Terminator”-style cyborg eye flashlight was seen in his video that can light up an entire room. The TikToker is Brian Stanley.

“I lost my eye to cancer, so I made this and turned my head into a flashlight,” was the video’s caption.

He named his invention: “Titanium Skull Lamp.”

“It’s perfect for reading in the dark as well!” Stanley added.

This is also a testament to the fact that what all is achievable with simple, off-the-shelf electronics and some clever machining. Of course, this is not the first time someone has attempted a cyborg-styled eye, but it is undoubtedly the first time someone has made such an astonishing prototype.

The video displays the flashlight functions, lighting Stanley’s hallway and bathroom effortlessly. However, what was most striking was that the cyborg eye perfectly lights the area the engineer points his head at, making it the ultimate hands-free tool.

What is even more startling is that the eye has a battery timing of 20 hrs and does not get hot even after strenuous use, describes Stanley.

He also added that the eye could go even brighter.

“This is half of my maximum power output,” he added. “Safety is paramount; I will work my way to full power eventually.”

He uses a proximity sensor, or so it seems to switch on and off the eye flashlight.

This is not the first time Stanley has experimented with his eye. For example, he made ghost and pumpkin-shaped filters during last year’s Halloween. And this year, the engineer has opted for an amazing Jack Skellington eye.

Not only does he makes these cool eyes, but he also takes them out for people to see or freak them out in some cases. Stanley has taken his cyborg eye to a haunted house to freak out the performers, according to the comment section of a different video.

“Quite a few performers broke character, lol,” he recalled. “I’ll try to get it on video this year.”

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