YouTuber Creates Robot That Wields Its Own Chainsaw

Creating your own robot is every man’s fantasy. I can’t count how many times I’ve imagined having my very own Gundam, though I wasn’t so enthusiastic about it to actually go into robotics. But some people are and other people just have a passion for tinkering. Just like YouTuber Shane Wighton, who loves to tinker and make robot arms that can do the most complex of things.

In the new video of his channel “Stuff Made Here”, Shane demonstrates how he built his own giant robot arm with a chainsaw. He then shows off the arm’s capabilities by chiseling a dog out of a foam board.

You can view the video below.

Several iterations before though, Shane wanted to actually carve a bear out of wood. However, attempt after attempt later he realized that just was not going to happen. The task was too complex and the arms did not have the required strength and dexterity, ending up burning or getting stuck in the wood.

The robot arm called a Tormach robotic arm costs around $20,000 and Shane had to program it himself to determine where to cut and where. It’s impressive and a good step towards Gundams (please, someone). The robot also says “Stay back, I will kill you” in a cute menacing way.

Can’t wait for the video where this arm cuts a bear out of a log.

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