YouTuber Creates A Robotic Cue Stick Engineered To Never Miss A Shot

The robotic cue stick makes the perfect aiming angle and adjusts the power to make a shot that promises never to miss the pocket.

Losing a set of games in public could really motivate you to get behind such a build. The Youtuber testifying this fact stated that the cue project was far more complex than learning how to pot the ball. However, given that he would build this stick once, it would all be a winning game for him forever.

The Youtube Channel ‘Stuff Made Here’ used his impressive engineering skills to make this marvelous cue stick to make the perfect shots while playing 8 Ball Pool or a game of Snooker. The guy uses some outstanding engineering to build devices that give him an advantage over his opponents, and this time it was to gain that advantage for the pool game for all times to come.

The video below will take you through all the complex steps for building this first-of-its-kind robotic cue stick. The guy does some complicated maths finding out the perfect angles, hence enabling the cue stick to take shots that are otherwise near impossible for humans with an ordinary cue. Interestingly, his built cue stick is not only good for playing live, as the perfect angles, it shows also has allowed the Youtube engineer to take on the internet by playing impossible shots in online pool games.

You might have heard of the guy before, given that it wasn’t his first such build that catches the eyes of a significant amount of viewers. The guy has been engineering gaming tools before, such as when he built a self-adjusting golf club or a never-miss basketball hoop. His developed gaming tools promise to make a noob seem like a pro player in the game. Watch the step-by-step video of the amazing build in the video below. Enjoy!

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