WATCH: How Many Slaps Does It Take To Cook A Chicken?

Don’t lose hope if something went wrong with your stove, and unluckily you have no other fire source either, while you are craving to eat chicken that you have to cook for yourself.

Why? Because a novel method has been found, where continuously slapping your chicken would heat is sufficient to be cooked just fine. It may sound a little crazy, but this crazy has really been done by a YouTuber who showed how slapping a chicken to reach a certain temperature cooks it.

With some great engineering skills, the Youtuber creates a device that continuously slaps the chicken until it stops.

He failed at his initial attempts to make the machine. However, later he built a machine that had a faster slap rate, better impact control, and the least possible heat loss.

The final machine was effective, thanks to its slap paddle that allowed for an adjustable slap depth, the exact what he was looking for. The guy used perfectly fitting tools in his final device, which enabled more control over how the slaps impact the chicken without losing weight flexibility.

Watch the novel way of slapping a chicken to deliciousness in the video below.

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