YouTuber Builds The Entire Universe In Minecraft – And The Result Is Mind-Boggling

A crazy yet ambitious player of the game, Minecraft, has done an outstanding job of building the entire universe in the game, thus intriguing players across the globe. This ambitious player surpassed expectations and has taken things to a whole different level. It’s really exciting to see what’s in the details, as it seems like he has already been aware of the specs of the project. This Minecraft player, with the username “ChrisDaChow”, has presented this undeniably cool illustration and is definitely an uncanny sight to behold. Watch the video given below that sums up the whole endeavor pretty well:

Coupled with this, the player posted his accomplishment in a now-popular Reddit post whose title reads, “I built the entire Universe in Minecraft!” However, it should be noted that he hasn’t demonstrated the “whole universe” in the practical sense; rather, he tried tremendously to give a glimpse and a round map of an entire “iconic celestial exotica”. This features the Sun, our solar system, and a black hole as well. The idea of embedding this black hole in Minecraft has been taken from the 2014 movie “Interstellar”. Moreover, different planets in round shapes have also been showcased, along with the demonstration of a supercluster as well. Well, that’s quite a shot!

Not to mention, there is a lot of effort underlined behind this eye-catching and never-before-seen project. According to Chris, it took him a month and a half to achieve this milestone that has now become popular among young Minecraft enthusiasts because of its creativity. It should be noted that “WorldEdit” contributed a lot of improvement to the work in the form of completing the project in a less-than-anticipated timeframe. Also, the use of mods also made him capable of using “paints” in manual mode, which further made the process easy for him.

To that end, this seems to be the most ambitious and critical project taken on by the player, as he has miraculously come up with an incredible approach. Because of the growing interest, other players will definitely try to come up with a similar kind of innovation. Would you like to try it?

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