This New AI Can Make 1993 Games Look Photorealistic

It wouldn’t make much sense to think of today’s technological world without artificial intelligence and that too when different emerging technologies are contributing on a large scale. In a similar kind of situation, artist “Colin Williamson” has made an incredible effort and transformed the animated characters of this masterpiece game, “Virtua Fighter,” into reality-based superheroes. You might remember that the movie was released back in 1993 by “Sega” and became popular at that time due to its magnificent 3D graphics. This was also the first firefighting game with a futuristic outlook and an undeniably cool approach.

Coupled with this, the extremely talented artist made a sizzling debut of these anime characters in the form of humanly creatures by using an image-to-image variation model known as “Automatic1111”. It should be noted that this incredible transformation has been made possible through the use of “Stable Diffusion,” which has also grown in popularity in recent times. Nevertheless, the artist has done the transformation in such an efficient way that it doesn’t even look like the characters are translated through a certain variation. This clear approach to his work made it a sophisticated piece of heavenly creation.

In addition to that, Williamson expressed his views regarding the recent work in a Tweet and said, “When I played this game back in middle school, I was like ‘That’s it. Graphics can never get better than this. And my dad was like ‘I’m not so sure, this looks kind of crappy.’” Similarly, seeing the popularity of the shots and receiving a huge amount of attraction, Williamson said in an interview, “Just describe the character, and img2img does its best. Though the hardest part was simply figuring out how to describe the characters’ clothes. “

To that end, he stated, “Once I found a good prompt, I’d do a batch of around 50 and cherry-pick the funniest ones. I tried this thing called “negative prompting,’ where you tell the AI stuff like “please don’t draw messed-up-looking hands,’ which does an excellent job in that now your characters have only six fingers instead of seven. ” Thus, we have seen how the use of AI has been making improvements in our technological world over the last decades and is continuously leading us to better and more efficient things.

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