Youtuber Builds Lego Factory For Baking Pizzas

Pizzas from a robotic lego factory might make some famous Pizza Chains very worried, well we are kidding!

Everyone loves pizza; it’s a quick and hassle-free food that you can get from almost anywhere. The worldwide famous food has thousands of different flavors and is cooked in various ways.

Making a good pizza takes quite some skills, but not as much as building a four-station Lego factory pizza machine that bakes one!

The video shows Youtube channel ‘Brick Wall’ bake a pizza in its Legos factory. The guy says its more fun baking pizzas like this, and for him, making one is an act of love.

The description of the video reads as his celebrations for the fifth successive year on Youtube. He does some crazy stuff, and instead of paying for help, he rather invests in Lego bricks and takes assistance from them.

His deep interest in Legos has helped him do loads of work with them. One of the many other fun examples is his fully functional Lego Firewood Factory.

Watch the video below where he bakes a pizza in his Lego oven. His built machine does all the work, from spreading the cheese and sauce to cutting it into perfect slices.

One of the most interesting parts is the sauce delivery device, which works amazingly well too. Let’s hope he doesn’t have a hard time washing all the Lego factory pieces once done baking!

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