UK Army General Reveals That They Will Have 30,000 Robots By 2030

A U.K army’s general stated they might have near to 30,000 robot soldiers by the year 2030. He said the robots would help fill the gap in recruitment.

As stated by Head of the U.K. armed forces General Sir Nick Carter, the numbers of robots make it one-quarter of the U.K army’s total strength. The information was made public via an interview with Sky News.

One-quarter of UK Army may be robots in 2030, says UK General

Military’s all across the globe are shifting towards robotic vehicles and drones. The change is seeing more and more mechanized units, and the developed nation’s army’s like the U.S, U.K, and Russia are going beyond limits. With the general’s recent statement, it makes it the U.K might pace ahead than others in this race.

During an interview with Sky News, Carter suspected to have nearly 30,000 robots in an army that is 120,000 total in strength. He said the focus should be on the effect these robotic soldiers will create, rather than determining what to be done. His statements depict some pretty focused directions to uplift the military to be in line with the modern tech.

Carter repetitively mentioned they are not looking at specific targets; they are looking at the maximum military gain. These new robot soldiers might be serving at the front line in future conflicts, God forbid, if any.

Carter didn’t have much of the sci-fi speculations, and his stated targets are in line with what the U.K’s military has already been achieving in terms of technology. The general emphasized the U.K’s government to develop a robot army during his interview with Sky News.

One of the reasons the U.K needed this shift was their recruitment relevant issues and how they haven’t been able to induct enough man-force in the previous years. Their military, for now, has a shortfall of approximately 8,000 soldiers.

The serving soldiers’ target figure is near to 82,000, whereas they have a human force of nearly 74,000 soldiers. The induction of robots into the force will be a quick and convenient resolve. And will also decrease dependency on human soldiers.

Robot Army Battles Are Still A Long Way

No one till now knows what specific roles will robots play in modern warfare. However, it is speculated much that they’d hold somewhat a much significant position. However, this raises many serious concerns about the world to have deadly robots that would be functioning without human intervention might cause significant damage to the major chunks of civilization.

Robotics’s use in the military to date has seen operations that are still dependant on a final command or a button press by a human. Don’t know what will happen when it all will be at a machine’s disposal.

These future robot soldiers will be helping as a supportive role to the military at large, and with the U.K’s military, it is expected in the coming years.

Robotics might be provided with logistical roles and unarmed duties such as running a cargo truck etc. The thought of all robots war might come true, but that isn’t expected in the decade from now as per the experts.

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