Youtuber Builds Avengers Hawkeye’s Arrows, Bows, And Quiver

He might not be able to fight aliens with them, but the truth should be straight, Hawkeye couldn’t either.

Many of the handymen have tried to build their very own gadgets inspired by the Avengers movie. However, anything produced relevant to Hawkeye hasn’t gained much attention and love over the internet that other movie-inspired gadgets such as Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s Arc could gather.

In the following video, the Youtube channel JLaservideo builds Hawkeye’s trick arrows, quiver, and bow as featured in the Avengers movie.

The project is super cool and exciting, which made him create these Hawkeye’s gadgets. Given the difficult feat, it just inspired him more to accept this challenge. With some crazy engineering and movie magic, the guy builds a line of arrows, including grapple, smoke, flare, impact, rocket, shock, and more.

He stated in the description that the arrowheads are kept in the motorized quiver, which rotates and connects the arrowheads and arrow shaft. The bow comes with two hinges allowing it to fold, and the installed tension mechanism lets it transform into a shaft too. The transformable bow could be used in close combats the way it is used in the movie series.

The real-life version of the Hawkeye’s gadgets created by this Youtuber functions pretty well. However, it is for sure that he won’t be able to take down aliens with it. The best part is, he might never have to. Enjoy the amazing creation in the video below!

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