Youtuber Builds A Tiny Land Rover That He Can Actually Drive

The video tutorial from Luke Towan Youtube channel demonstrates how to build an extraordinarily miniature but yet fully functional Land Rover.

His channel is already filled with plenty of tiny models and true to life sceneries that he builds daily, his work demonstrates incredible patience and talent. He does his job with precision and makes all the tiny objects function as they do in their standard daily life-like size.

Luke Towan, in the description of this satisfyingly entertaining video, wrote. “I’ve always wanted to shrink down and walk around my creations, but since that is not an option just yet, the next most desirable thing is to be able to do it in a third-person view by driving a tiny R\C car through my scenes.” 

Through this tiny teeny Land Rover Defender, he takes the viewer on a unique road trip. If you’re admiring how you can build a small car that you can drive anywhere, tune into this entertaining tutorial, and even if you will never create one, its fun to watch this land rover cruising around the world of tiny objects.


  1. Peter Reply

    If I may suggest a micro video camera mounted inside as well….That way you can go for the ride as well….

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