Elon Musk Promises Futuristic Updates On Newer Models Of Tesla


Tesla has proved itself as an automotive company that comes up with newer and futuristic tech features on its vehicles for years now, ranging from electric cars to models having no side mirrors.

Series of futuristic updates are promised on more modern models of Tesla by its CEO on social site ‘Twitter.’ He made these commitments in reply when people were eager to ask about multiple features that were previously announced and aren’t seen on the latest models yet.

The string of tweets started in response to one tweeter asking Elon Musk whether if Tesla drivers will be able to get around potholes on autonomous mode to avoid damage.

Musk in response just not added if it will label the potholes and go around the corner but also very smartly mentioned of the upcoming models being configured with the safety feature for shifting lanes and only does so if it’s safe while avoiding the bumps on the track.

However, some of his twitter followers like a page, ‘Tesla owners South Africa’ wished him luck with promising the pothole labeling feature. They tweeted a picture of a broken road, somewhat sarcastically raising a question on how would Tesla conquer such tracks in its completely auto-drive mode:

Another tweet was around imagining congested paths, but instead of those typical car horns, the noise sounds more like a herd of goats is crossing some road. That’s a future that could be just around the corner if Tesla and SpaceX CEO fulfill what he said to his twitter followers.

Musk detailed one of the new upcoming Tesla feature will let the car honk like a goat as their car horn, and that would be optional with having the old conventional horn option in place as well. The goat horn feature is expected to equip on Tesla cars near October.

In another tweet, a tweeter asks for two-factor authentication, and as to when would it be resolved. Musk addressed the question of two for the Tesla app by regretting and saying it has been embarrassingly late but assured of it going through final validation.


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