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Your Pizza Eating Habits Can Actually Reveal Your Math Genius

Your Pizza Eating Habits Reveal Your Math Genius_Image 0

Recently, Bill Gates wrote about how Math affects our life. Turns out, even eating Pizza is not beyond the realm of Mathematics.

Generally, there are two ways to eat a slice of pizza. Some people just pick the slice up and take a bite pizza as the slice flops around.  Others fold the slice such that it is easy to take a bite. Those who use fork and knife to eat their pizza are mathematical retards so we won’t put them in this equation!


Image Source: Framepool


The true Math genius folds the pizza slice in half before eating it. As you curve your pizza before putting it into your mouth, you essentially obey the “theorem egregium” or the “remarkable theorem” proposed by the celebrated Math genius Carl Gauss.


Image Source: Munchies


In fact, it has been proven by a YouTuber on the Numberphile channel that following the Gaussian Curvature is the best method of eating pizza. The Gaussian curvature is defined as:

 “The curve depicting the combination of two distinct curvatures (such as on an x-axis and a y-axis).”

The mathematician named Clifford Stoll details how the pizza has zero curvature while bananas retain their curvature. Folding the slice of pizza enhances its rigidity. Check out the video below to understand the concept in detail:



Time to fold that pizza slice!