10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets That Are A Perfect Gift

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (4)

Culinary delights made to their taste is something everyone desires but are you not a fan of cooking because you hate chopping up the ingredients? Perhaps these gadgets will help you save time & ease some of your woes around the kitchen.

10. SpaghettI Measure(9.14$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (5)

Always cook the precise amount of Pasta for your family with this little gadget. The lever can be used to adjust the diameter of the cutter so that you have the desired volume of spaghetti.

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9. Pineapple Slicer(5.5$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (2)

Pineapples are hard to peel, but this innovative tool takes the pain out of the process.

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8. Garlic Peeler(5$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (1)

This is a nice little gadget for people who do not like smashing their garlic cloves. All you have to do is put your garlic inside and give it a good roll two or three times & you are done!

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7. Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale(10.28$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (7)

If you have a problem reading those fine scales on a measuring cup then this is the solution. This spoon scale gives an accurate reading and is easy to read.

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6.  Digital BBQ Tongs(19$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (6)

Having trouble making your BBQ’s? this device is ideal for all those meat lovers who want their meal cooked to perfection whether it Medium Rare or Well Done.

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5. Wide Bag Caps(4$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (8)

What do you do when you just can not finish that big bag of Doritos? You know those chips will not stay crispy so enter Bag Caps to save your day. One can make any bag resealable with these so they are a must have in your kitchen.

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4.  Cake Batter Dispenser(6.99$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (9)

This little gadget aids in making evenly sized cupcakes. You can use this for pancakes as well, and the container can hold four cups.

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3. Roast Cutting Tongs(29.95$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (4)

Another slice of meat loaf you say? These tongs make it a lot easier to serve up to guests whether it is Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner.

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2. Pizza Scissors Spatula(9.9$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (3)

Number one cutlery item for every pizza lover. Cut and lift your Pizza slice in one go. The blades are of stainless steel, and if handled properly they are very durable.

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1. EZCracker(4.95$)

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets (10)

Just like everyone else, we hate having white shells in our omelettes early in the morning. This product would make a perfect addition to anybody’s kitchen and at 4.95$ it is quite affordable.

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