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Your Next Order From The Domino’s Pizza Might Be Delivered By A Drone

Domino’s is testing the most innovative pizza delivery method in New Zealand, via a drone. The pizza landed safely, except for a little cheese stuck to the top of the pizza box.


Image source: Domino’s
Image source: Domino’s


Check out the ‘cheesy’ footage of the drone delivering the Domino’s Pizza below:



The company also plans to test the drone delivery of pizza in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, Belgium, and France. Domino’s CEO, Don Meij mocked the conventional pizza delivery methods and hinted that drone delivery is the future.

“We’ve always said it doesn’t make sense to have a 2-ton machine delivering a 2-kilogram order.”


Image source: Domino’s


7-Eleven was the first company to offer drone delivery of Slurpees, doughnuts, and chicken sandwiches.