You Would Never Have Thought Of These Vintage Life Hacks From Cigarette Packs

Cigarette Life Hacks13

So, it seems someone has been teaching hacks before it was even cool. Back in the start of the Twentieth Century, it was quite common for cigarette manufacturers to place collectable cards in their packaging. Some put picturesque postcards, trivia questions, hot models and almost everything in those little boxes. One of these tobacco companies had a different idea altogether. They had a list of amazing DIYs as their collectable.

The Gallaher’s cigarettes are the one in discussion right now. It had a list of hundred how-to-do-it stuff or life hacks. These old-school DIYs are considered so revolutionary that they are now part of George Arents Collection at the New York Public Library. Many of these talented hacks like making fire extinguishers, removing tight rings from fingers or extracting a splinter embedded in the skin are still of much importance these days. Here are some vintage hacks from a pioneering hack master:

Cigarette Life Hacks Cigarette Life Hacks2 Cigarette Life Hacks3 Cigarette Life Hacks4 Cigarette Life Hacks5 Cigarette Life Hacks6 Cigarette Life Hacks7 Cigarette Life Hacks8 Cigarette Life Hacks9  Cigarette Life Hacks11

Cigarette Life Hacks12 Cigarette Life Hacks13 Cigarette Life Hacks14 Cigarette Life Hacks15 Cigarette Life Hacks16


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