You Won’t Believe What is Hidden Underneath This Floating House

Architectural feats make us jump up and down with excitement. It is the purest form of art combined with engineering skills and you know how we love engineering projects, right? Speaking of architectural feats, how would you feel going to sleep while listening to sound of water and witnessing shoals of reef fish as they traverse those waters? Sounds too good to be true? Think again!

Welcome to Manta Resort located on the island of Pemba in the Indian Ocean. It will cost you $900 for a night to stay here and considering what it has to offer, this doesn’t sound like too much. The resort has recently opened its, full of wonders, Underwater Room located about 13ft beneath the water’s surface. The floating structure is engineered by Swedish engineers and features three levels. The levels above the water level have been cladded in local hardwood and offer quite an experience on their own as well. The landing deck, sea level, sports a lounge area along with a bathroom and allows you to escape from the daily stresses.

A ladder will lead you to the roof that also sports a lounging area where you can bathe in sunlight during day and count stars in the night. Once you move downstairs, you will find double bed located in the middle of panes of glass that allow the user to have almost a 360-degree view. The underwater spotlights located under each window around the room light up and attract the shyer.

Coral has begun to establish its territory on the anchoring lines and the around the underwater structure. The inhabitants of the reef are attracted to the structure and allow for a wonderful experience that is unique and quite relieving. Check out the video and let us know what you think about the project.