You Will Find These Huge Buildings Covered In Coloured Fabric In HongKong, Here’s What They Are


Usually when construction is going on, the sight is quite dreary and the danger of debris falling down is always there. However, come to Singapore and you’ll find out quite a different approach being used for buildings under construction or undergoing repair work. The idea employed over here is to cover the building with fabric that is colorful and the end result looks like a work of art with buildings covered in colored fabric. The phenomenon was photographed by Peter Steinhauer who termed it as ‘cocoon’.peter steinhauer cocoons

Back in Hong Kong, this way of construction is the traditional method and is used to change the appearance of dull buildings into colorful ones. However, a close scrutinized look will reveal that this approach also prevents any debris from falling below and injuring anyone standing/walking below. A cage of bamboo is erected in the first step and then the colored fabric wrapped around it. This fabric material also prevents the dust from entering the atmosphere.peter steinhauer cocoons4peter steinhauer cocoons2

They use a similar approach in India, but that is quite small in scale and the color employed are usually dull, so as to speak. Steinhauer exhibited his work, documenting the Asian markets, near the Art Basel Hong Kong up till 26th of May. Steinhauer stated that the idea for this work struck him when he was driving on the freeway and saw this gigantic cocoon. Upon reaching the building, he saw that the whole building was wrapped in fabric except for the McDonald’s sign. In his own words; ‘as I was driving on the freeway through a township in the new territories of Hong Kong, I saw this very large cocoon and found a road to get back to it. Up close I noticed that the whole building was newly wrapped with the exception on the McDonald’s sign that I am sure they paid largely for to be visible to the public!’peter steinhauer cocoons5 peter steinhauer cocoons6 peter steinhauer cocoons7 peter steinhauer cocoons8 peter steinhauer cocoons9 peter steinhauer cocoons10 peter steinhauer cocoons12 peter steinhauer cocoons13 peter steinhauer cocoons14 peter steinhauer cocoons11

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