At First It Looks Like Renting An Old Concrete Pipe. Nothing Can Prepare You Once You Step Inside

Chinese Hotelier makes Use of Concrete Tubing

You will usually find people looking for luxurious hotels to spoil them for a couple of nights. However, there is also one particular type that is looking for the exact opposite; a bare minimum accommodation to spend some time away from all the luxury. Even if those numbers are small, one can always find people who are looking for a cheaper accommodation. This is where the young and aspiring Chinese hotelier from Henan Province comes in. He has managed to construct low cost hotels by making use of industrial grade concrete tubing.

Hotel Made From Concrete Pipes

Chinese Hotelier makes Use of Concrete Tubing3

He managed to acquire a few meters of recycled concrete tubing and saw this as an opportunity that he availed by cutting the tubing into 15 individual structures. Each of these structures is designed for two persons’ accommodation and comes equipped with a double bed, a restroom, sound proofing and air conditioning. However, beware; there are no views to enjoy from within this tubing! The exterior has some peculiar and great street art on it to make the hotels look more fun instead of dull concrete color.Chinese Hotelier makes Use of Concrete Tubing2 Chinese Hotelier makes Use of Concrete Tubing

The hotels are turning into something popular both to tourists and locals alike. The owner hopes that those busy with their urban lives would like to spend some time away from all the hassle and would opt for these hotels!

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