You Can Now Get A Remote Controlled Hot Wheels Cybertruck For $100


People with Tesla thirst could now suffice it by spending a sum of $100. The newly announced remote control Tesla CyberTruck packs cooler features than the previous R/C models.

A new offer has appeared for those who desire the Cybertruck but don’t have $70,000 to spend on it, it might fulfill their need for some bits.

The new Hot Wheels remote control Cybertruck is filled with fun and comes at a fraction of the price. It is a 1:10 scale version of the famous Tesla’s Cybertruck and packs a number of the features of the original vehicle including a moveable bed, and goes up to the speeds of 12 MPH. The small version’s remote looks like the Cybertruck steering wheel.

A little fascinatingly, it packs functioning headlights and taillights and contains a battery that is good to roll small Cybertruck for about 30 minutes. The purchase of the mini Cybertruck brings along another mini-vehicle that looks like Tesla’s forthcoming ATV and is also slated as an optional accessory with future Cybertruck.

Mattel produced remote-controlled Cybertruck isn’t the first of its kind from the company, established in 1945, the company is renowned for making some quality toys. Two models were announced last year, the 1:64 scale replica and a 1:10 scale replica of the Cybertruck.

Earlier R/C models along with some features, also shared the attributes with real Tesla’s in terms of decline in the prices and a delayed-release, many of the customers reportedly were waiting for their packages ordered during the Christmas holiday season.

It seems like the newer model would be fortunate in terms of supply and is loaded with more features than the previous small-scale Teslas. Even with the abundant supplies and announcement that this project would meet the deadline, still there are chances that the release would exceed the given timeline if we look at the company’s track records.


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