Ford Has Introduced An All-Electric F150 Lightning Truck

Ford is finally getting the memo as more and more consumers are opting for electric vehicles instead of their fuel-powered counterparts. This realization has led Ford to revamp their popular pickup truck. The truck has now been made into an electric vehicle. Ford unveiled its F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup truck this Wednesday. The starting price is around $40,000.

Converting the truck into an electric vehicle was no easy task though. Ford had to make sure that it was as powerful as its fuel-powered brother. Ford had to try and keeps its torque, performance, general layout, and towing capabilities up to par all while swapping out the gas engine for an electric design.

Upon looking at the electric vehicle’s specs, it seems like Ford had some success and even put in some adjustments and improvements. All to keep the F-150 as one of the popular cars in the US. The new e-pickup truck is well-priced for an electric vehicle, starting at $39,974 for its base model with a 230 mile or 370 km range, and its higher range model comes in at $52,974 with approximately 300 miles or 483 km of range. Ford is already accepting $100 deposits for the customers eager to get their hands on the beast first.

The truck comes with a vast array of options and accessories. The F-150 will come in four trims, with an aluminum body and two in-board electric motors. The truck comes with a four-wheel drive and has an independent rear suspension. The ground clearance is half an inch less than the traditional F-150 pickup because metal skid plates are in place to protect the heavy batteries and in-board motor.

The standard battery can dish out 426 horsepower and around 775 pound-feet of torque while the extended range battery can do 563 horsepower with the same torque. The new frame allows the truck to support up to a maximum of 2000 pounds of payload. For those with a trailer to tow, the F-150 has a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.

Looking at the specs it seems that the customers won’t be missing out on any performance if they opt for the electric option and they help the environment as well, so it’s a win-win situation. The truck also comes with a cool feature called the Pro Onboard Power system. It comes with 11 outlets which means the truck can be turned into a generator used for powering electric tools and even a small house. The interior also comes with a suite of options.

Bill Ford, the executive chair of Ford, expressed his enthusiasm over the new truck by saying that “For both Ford and the American auto industry, F-150 Lightning represents a defining moment as we progress toward a zero-emissions, digitally connected future”.

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