You Can Now Get A Microchip Manicure And Turn Your Nail Into A Business Card

Technology has seeped into every walk of life and has made things easier in the most innovative ways not known to man before. This has led to endless possibilities and opened new avenues for science to perform its miracles. This article will focus on a less talked about sector when technology is being discussed. This will show how boundless and limitless are the wonders of science and technology.

Recently, a beauty salon in Dubai has introduced a unique way of doing manicures. There is one additional step in the process that was never done before. This additional and unprecedented step is to incorporate a chip in the nails before protecting them with a special coating.

It may be hard to believe and even difficult to imagine a microchip being inserted in the layers of manicure nail paints. This is being called a microchip manicure. A small NFC chip is used for the process and this chip can turn into business cards. There have been precedents of inserting the same NFC chips inside the skin, so they are made compatible with their other smart gadgets. However, this technique achieves the same result without having to risk opening the skin and incorporating a foreign object.

This technique is being used in the Lanour Beauty Lounge. The owner says that the right fit and shape along with the size of the chip was not an easy task to find. It had to be small and light enough to fit in the nail without getting out. The amount of data these chips are able to accommodate is very limited for now and can only contain basic details of the clients. They are working on getting more data on slightly bigger chips without affecting the viability of the manicure. They are hopeful for the technology for the future. It costs around 70 US Dollars for now.

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