You Can Now Buy A Solid Gold Comb For Only $9,700


Playing on the bloated egos and pride of people and making them feel “exclusive” and VIP has been a proven gold mine for many shrewd businessmen, and almost all of the “brands” are created while cashing on this flawed concept.

Continuing the sheep fest, a Slovakian “luxury” comb company has created a solid gold comb costing around $9,700 for people who want “luxurious hair.”


Pic Credits: odditycentral


Tomas Veres, the company behind the design, as built a fortune by selling their “passion to create extraordinary and exclusive objects for extraordinary people, who appreciate the finest things in life.”

In simple terms, they make simple things outrageously expensive, and then plunder stupid people by making them believe that buying these objects will make them better and above the “distasteful commoners.”

The Tomas Veres Pantheon comb collection starts from the minimalist 130mm by 35mm combs, which is fabricated from various materials such as silver and rhodium plated combs. The prices start at €1,100 ($1,180) for these combs, while they jump up to €9000 ($9,700) for the combs coming in yellow and pink gold colours.

Pic Credits: odditycentral

The company claims that each comb is a hand-made piece of Italian art constructed by experienced jewelers, and they are delivered in ostrich leather pouches made in Italy.

There are only 800 of these 14K solid gold Pantheon combs available, you better hurry and order at the Tomas Veres e-shop, before someone else beats you to the punch in this game of vanity. The shop also allows you to customize an engraving of initials or a message on the comb so that you leave no stone unturned in flashing your wealth around.

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