Here Is How You Can Get Rid Of A Headache In Just 2 Minutes

No headache in 2 minutes

Headaches are so common these days that we usually tend to ignore them. According to a research, around 40 per cent of people suffer from headaches at some point. But sometimes it can reach to the extent that it starts to affect the quality of life and day to day operations!

Taking a painkiller every time you have a headache surely isn’t a healthy practice, and if sniffing lavender while pouring cup after cup of coffee also seem to be not working, we have a unique and bizarre solution that just might do the trick!

A YouTuber going by the name of Kamil K. Wawrzyszko, has shared a guide on ending a headache that literally broke the internet! The video was originally posted in 2012, but has recently gone viral by receiving over 1,727,726 views up till now.

In his video, he first confesses that he is not a qualified doctor or psychologist, but also claimed that he has helped numerous people with their headaches and sleep related problems.

Although one might think that the technique might involve some kind of gimmick, or some really complicated concepts; but the technique is astonishingly simple!

Kamil simply poses three questions to the viewers, asking them: ‘Where is your headache? What colour is it? What shape is it?’. He keeps on repeating these questions for the next 2 minutes, and believe it or not the headache miraculously goes away!

How Does It Work?

This technique has something to do with a phenomenon called “Placebo Effect”, that is induced merely by the patient’s belief that the headache is going away rather than something actually happening. Whilst it may seem bizarre and unscientific, people in the comments did claim their headaches have actually diminished or completely subsided after following his instructions.

He elaborated that in order to select the colour and the shape of the headache, you actually have to “see it”. By seeing the headache he means focusing on it and if you concentrate hard enough you can actually “see” the colour and shape. And even if you still can’t, your mere act of focusing will be enough to subside the headache.

He states that since most of the headaches are a creation of your own brain, they can also be removed by merely focusing on them. He claims that headaches are a way of brain trying to “wake you up” towards an illness like flu, fever etc. Or maybe due to over stressing or being unsure about things, your brain gives you a painful sensation to make you avoid those things.

Comments ranging from hailing the man as a wizard to thanking him for releasing week long migraines can be read below the video. Others were a little suspicious and some even claimed that the trick didn’t work for more than 30 seconds. In the end, Kamil cleared out that he was no magician or wizard, and it was just the viewers who busted out their headaches.

Have you tried the trick yourself? Did it work for you, or do you think it is a bunch of hooey? Comment below!

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