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You Can Carry A Person In This Huge Backpack By A Japanese Company

Japan is the land of rising sun, we all have heard that. However, it also the land of bizarre innovations. What you are looking at comes from a Japanese design studio CWF and has been given the name of ‘Backpacker’s Closet.’ It is primarily a backpack so big that it can literally double up as a closet and can also even be used for carrying a grown person.

It measures in at 100cmx68cm. That is; it is 100 cm in length and 68 cm in width. The Backpacker’s Closet has a holding capacity of 48 gallons – an ideal capacity for carrying a young adult. Are you worried about the straps snapping? Don’t! That is because the Backpacker’s Closet is not only designed to be able to withstand the claimed maximum weight but also comes equipped with extra padding and an extra middle strap that helps to minimize the stress of the person’s back and shoulders wearing it.

The Backpacker’s Closet is described as ‘indispensable for outdoors, carrying heavy gears and bringing in a large number of ingredients to the campsite’ on Plywood’s website. Plywood is an online retailer; in case you were wondering. But don’t worry if you are not the camping sort of person for among the promotional pictures, the Backpacker’s Closet is being used as an actual closet inside the home. So, you can actually buy it and make use of it as a closet.

People at SoraNews24 decided to put the claim of the company to the test. They had one of their writers climb inside the Backpacker’s Closet and had another employee hoist the bag on his back and carry the writer around the office. According to their account, the Backpacker’s Closet held up quite well!

The overly sized backpack is, of course, a bit more expensive when compared with the conventional backpacks. After all, you cannot carry a person in those standard backpacks. The Backpacker’s Closet can be bought for $230 plus the shipping charges. Despite their higher price tag, they are selling ferociously, and the ‘sandal beige’ variant is already sold out.

What do you think of this backpack? Is this yet another bizarre innovation or is there some actual use for it? Let us know via your comments!