This Personal Transporter Can Go For Seven Miles and Fit In Your Backpack


The news of this ultimate personal transporter has baffled me big time since I didn’t think it was that close to becoming a reality. The Japanese engineer behind its development has been calling it the first “car in a bag” for the world. It is primarily made from Aluminium and weighs almost 2-3 Kg. So, it can easily be stuffed or attached to your backpack. You can take it with you instead of finding a parking lot and praying it doesn’t get vandalized, or worst stolen while you are away.


With a top speed of 6.4 miles per hours, the Walkcar as it is called is roughly the size of an old laptop. It closely resembles the skateboard concept, but with enhanced balance options in addition to its elegant look. The inventors of the Walkcar are Cocoa Motors, and the focal person responsible for this is twenty-six-year-old Kuniako Saito from Japan. In addition to powering able bodied people towards their destination, Saito hopes that his product can eventually be used for driving people in wheelchairs. It has enough power to do so, and it will present a much lighter option than the automatic wheelchairs in the present world.

When fully charged, the Walkcar can go for scores of blocks. Therefore, it can eventually challenge the market of several known commutation vehicles like boards, bikes and scooters. Also, it can reduce the need for cars and motorbikes for smaller distances. Its working is also extremely simple and user-friendly. Once the person mounts the Walkcar, it automatically starts and stepping off stops it automatically as well. Changing direction is very simple as you just have to shift your weight to one side, and it changes direction according to the angle. It can also handle steep slopes with ease due to the amazing electric power available. Best of all, there is no need to search ridiculously for a few inches of parking space as you can just carry it around.


But the price of the Walkcar could be an issue as it is worth around 800 $ or 100,000 Japanese Yen at Kickstarter currently. The project is looking for crowdfunding there, and shipping is expected to start in spring 2016. But the price is justified given it will give a cheaper solution for you than motorbikes or funny looking electric scooters you have right now!

See this pitch video from the company to get a clearer idea:

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