This New Drone Can Carry 33 Pounds And Fly For An Hour – And Still Fit In A Backpack

With each passing day, drones are revolutionizing in terms of science and technology and are adopted worldwide for their exceptional characteristics. However, the recent invention of a drone named “Hera” has just been added to the extensive collection of unmanned aerial vehicles. The Hera drone comes with the specialty of lifting weights up to 33 lbs (15 kg), can fly for an hour, and can be carried easily in one backpack. It is also equipped with cameras mounted on all of its legs, along with the LIDAR (light detection and ranging) facility. Moreover, these cameras can bend around at an angle of 360 degrees and take a wider view of the track because of the advantage of their “retractable” gears. Moreover, an obstacle clearance avoidance system is also installed in these drones, which notifies them about any terrain or obstacles in the area.

Hera drone lifts 33 pounds and can be carried in a backpack - Airvers Tech  News

This California-based drone has an overwhelming range of uplifting proportions and a capacity that is 2.5 times greater than those of the already existing drones of the same size. It uses a lithium-powered battery of 44.4 volts and can fly for about 56 minutes if it’s carrying no cargo. Even while lifting a weight of about 5.7 lb (2.6 kg), it can still fly for about 46 minutes, which is an ample amount of time. The battery of this drone plays a very important role in determining its air time. Moreover, the airframe used is also lightweight, which ensures weight efficacy as well as efficiency. It’s a flexible and portable drone that can easily be folded into a single backpack.

Hera drone can lift 33 pounds, fly for an hour and fit in a backpack

The founder of Realtime Robotics, Quoc Long said, “All backpack-sized copters out there use motors with a max thrust of less than 4 lb [1.8 kg] per motor, because more powerful motors require bigger propellers, and as a result, the airframe cannot fit in a backpack,” he told us. “Hera uses powerful motors with a max thrust of 35 lb [15.9 kg] per motor and big propellers but came up with a unique way to fold the airframe, including motors, propellers, battery, and a gimbaled camera. As a result, the folded Hera can fit perfectly well in a backpack.”

The drone has varied applications and can be used for any type of activity. Be it for commercial, military, or industrial use, the users can now book the “Hera drone” in advance for a base price of less than $24,900, not to mention that the deliveries will commence in August this year.

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