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Xiaomi Will Be Launching A 100-Megapixel Phone Camera Soon

Xiaomi, the Chinese phone manufacturer, has once again fired up the megapixel competition long after we all considered it to be over. Apart from the 64-megapixel flagship phone for its famous Redmi brand, the company has also announced that it is getting ready to debut a 100-megapixel phone camera that has been designed in collaboration with Samsung.

The upcoming phone will feature 109 million pixels while offering pictures with a resolution of 12,032×9,024-pixel resolution. To help you gain a perspective; if you see a picture that has been printed on the side of a bus, it was most likely taken with a 25-megapixel DSL or maybe a 50-megapixel medium front camera. Xiaomi says that its 64-megapixel sensor is actually good enough for the 3.26 meters high prints. This means that with the 100-megapixel phone camera, you will need bigger walls.

As of right now, it is hard to tell what kind of benefits you will be enjoying if you have a 100-megapixel phone camera in your pocket. The accompanied drawbacks are actually more of a concern. For starters, you will need to worry about storage because higher resolutions, especially a 100-megapixel phone camera implies larger picture files. The second factor is that of processing power that will be required for handling the pictures that are being shot.

The next thing to worry about is that of uploading. While a high percentage of the pictures taken by smartphones never actually leave the phone, most of them are being uploaded to third-party apps such as Facebook or Instagram that already downsize the captured picture in order to make sure that it adheres to the specific criteria for their platform. This means that even loading a 100-MP picture won’t necessarily provide you with a benefit. If anything, it will only end up taking more bandwidth.

Nonetheless, the device will be here soon enough, and since Samsung is involved; the feature might not be restricted to Xiaomi’s devices only. We suggest that you clear up spaces in your smartphones!