World’s Tallest Wooden Building To Be Built In Paris

Tallest wooden building

The Re-inventer Paris competition is a forum where potential architectural ideas for the city are promoted for future development. Several crazy ideas are displayed at the convention, and they are providing ideas for projects like L’air Nouveau de Paris and Vincent Callebaut’s Paris 2050. There was another design unveiled there that envisaged the tallest wooden building in the World.
Tallest wooden building3

The architects from the Michael Green Architects firm proposed this idea. The details of the project aren’t fully available at the moment. But if it is undertaken, it would be a new addition to the magnificent skyline of the historical city. From what we now, it is going to be a 35-storey mixed use tower named Baobab. Use of wood in the building presents a real fire hazard, but according to the designers, the building poses a much lesser risk of fire than steel based structures. Hmmm, either it is very clever or incredibly dumb don’t you think?

Tallest wooden building2

Located on a seventy thousand square feet plot on Boulevard Pershing, Paris, it would house several other wooden buildings too like a school, an electric charging station, hotel and a market as well. So, it will attract people who like wood as a construction material, and ofcourse, the aroma of wood is mesmerizing as well. The company claims that this wooden community would present a unique experience in Paris that would add another feather to the famous city’s cap. It tries to get inspiration from the Eiffel tower that was built one hundred and fifty years ago. It changed the identity and skyline of the city forever and lured hundreds of thousands of tourists. If they accomplish such a wonder, no doubt, there will be a significant shift in the appearance and glamor of Paris. The Re-inventer Paris will announce its winner soon, and the recognized designers will undergo negotiations with the local officials to make their building.

Tallest wooden building

Although the building looks different and all, the ridiculous amount of wood use will attract the ire of environmentalists and other conservation groups. The group needs to be clear on where all the wood will come and how they are going to replace all the trees.
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