Lifelong Friends Build Row Of Tiny Houses To Live Together For Life

Dream House of 4 Couples 4

Meet this particular group of friends from Austin who soon realized that the hectic city of life of Austin was not meant for them. However, they were still aware of the fact that they just couldn’t remove themselves from the area. The dilemma resulted in a custom-built compromise that is one of a kind.

The plan has been named as Llano Exit Strategy and entails four cabins and a common area that four couples can share.Dream House of 4 Couples

The compound has been designed by architect Matt Garcia while imparting minimal disturbance to the environment and natural beauty.Dream House of 4 Couples 2

At first they were considering to go for a single large house, however, they decided that having their own personal space was crucially important.

This is the view that the residents take in now. Dream House of 4 Couples 3

The cabins are located on land along Texas’ Llano River. The cabins have been designed to not disturb the surrounding environment while also being able capable of beating the hot, dry Texas climate. The cabins sport galvanized metal sliding to reflect the sunlight and thus keep the interiors cool. They are also lined with insulation of spray foam thus keeping the temperature stable. The sloped roofs collect rainwater and drain it into the large cisterns alongside each cabin.

Apart from the practical aspects, the minimalistic design also enhances the natural beauty of the land.Dream House of 4 Couples 4 Dream House of 4 Couples 4a Dream House of 4 Couples 4b

Every cabin is similar to a studio apartment that sports a living room, shared bathroom and a full bathroom located at the back. The plywood walls, concrete floors and industrial accents impart a rustic yet modernized look to the cabin. Kitchen, larger living space and guest area has been designed in the common building.

Each cabin measures around 350 square feet. Dream House of 4 Couples 5

Each couple had to pay $40,000 for the project. Dream House of 4 Couples 6 Dream House of 4 Couples 6a Dream House of 4 Couples 6b Dream House of 4 Couples 7

The couples live and work in Austin, however, these cabins provide a perfect escape from the city on the weekend!


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