Have A Look At This Magnificent Basketball Court In Paris Decorated by Pigalle Fashion

French fashion is already famous for its trendy and chic collection of clothes and shoes, but this is the first time they are making headlines for a ‘fashionable sporting venue’ by lighting up a basketball court.

Fashion brand Pigalle, and sporting giant Nike have collaborated to create the most lit basketball court in Paris. Captured by photography agency III Studio, the project seems something straight out of a Tame Impala lyrics.


The idea fuses sports, urban designs, and art. The court looks more like a canvas than a sporting venue, since it actually has been an open canvas for experimentation since 2009 and has undergone painting projects by three different companies.

Located on Rue Duperré in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the basketball court is sandwiched between two buildings in a city known around the world for its bright colors and love of life. A perfect fit!

Pigalle fashion brand has always had a thing for basketball, and Stephane Ashpool, founder of Pigalle, and designer of the company revealed that he has been avid fan and player of the sports since his childhood, and also has been training kids on this court for several years.


The main store is located in front of the court on Rue Henry Monnier, and they have even launched a clothing line called Pigalle Basketball and a Basketball sneakers line for Nike back in 2014.

The court is adorned with primary colors and contains hues of burnt orange, fuschia, canary yellow, and dark blue.

Image Credits: lostateminor

Watch the magnificent piece of art below!

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